LeetCode Solutions and Explanations

Here is a list of LeetCode problems solved by Goodtecher. Goodtecher will keep updating solutions and explains to LeetCode problems. You can also watch GoodTecher LeetCode Video Tutorial on Youtube.

LeetCode Problems Table

1Two SumTwo PointersEasy★★★★★
2Add Two NumbersLinked ListMedium★★★★
3Longest Substring Without Repeating CharactersTwo PointersMedium★★★★
4Median of Two Sorted ArraysArrayHard★★★
5Longest Palindromic SubstringDynamic ProgrammingMedium★★★★
6ZigZag ConversionMathMedium
7Reverse IntegerMathEasy★★★★
8String to Integer (atoi)StringMedium★★
9Palindrome NumberMathEasy★★★★
11Container With Most WaterTwo PointersMedium★★
12Integer to RomanStringMedium
13Roman to IntegerStringEasy
14Longest Common PrefixStringEasy★★★
153SumTwo PointersMedium★★★
163Sum ClosestTwo PointersMedium★★★
17Letter Combinations of a Phone NumberDepth First SearchMedium★★★
184SumTwo PointersMedium★★
19Remove Nth Node From End of ListLinked ListMedium★★★
20Valid ParenthesesStackEasy★★★★
21Merge Two Sorted ListsLinked ListEasy★★★
26Remove Duplicates from Sorted ArrayTwo PointersEasy★★
28Implement strStr()StringEasy★★
34Search for a RangeBinary SearchMedium★★
35Search Insert Position Binary SearchEasy★★
39Combination SumDepth First SearchMedium★★★★
40Combination Sum IIDepth First SearchMedium★★★
42Trapping Rain WaterTwo PointersHard★★★
62Unique PathsDynamic ProgrammingMedium★★★
63Unique Paths IIDynamic ProgrammingMedium★★
69Sqrt(x)Binary SearchEasy★★★
70Climbing StairsDynamic ProgrammingEasy★★★
78SubsetsDepth First SearchMedium★★★★
90Subsets IIDepth First SearchMedium★★
100Same TreeBinary TreeEasy★★★
101Symmetric TreeBinary TreeEasy★★★
102Binary Tree Level Order TraversalBinary TreeMedium★★★★
104Maximum Depth of Binary TreeBinary TreeEasy★★★
110Balanced Binary TreeBinary TreeEasy★★★
111Minimum Depth of Binary TreeBinary TreeEasy★★★
121Best Time to Buy and Sell StockArrayEasy★★
122Best Time to Buy and Sell Stock IIArrayEasy★★
138Copy List with Random PointerLinked ListMedium★★
139Word BreakDynamic ProgrammingMedium★★★★
144Binary Tree Preorder TraversalBinary TreeEasy★★
155Min StackStackEasy★★★
278First Bad VersionBinary SearchEasy★★
412Fizz BuzzMathEasy★★★
547Friend CirclesUnion FindMedium★★★

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